Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Computer Day

Today was a day off from work as well as tomorrow. I spent most of the evening on the computer trying to clear my mail box. What a chore -- 9,000 emails !!! yikes !!! I try to get on the computer about every three days and stitch in between. ( in between work and home that is LOL ) DH is still not doing to well. He can't tolerate this cold weather and stays in the house most of the time. I wish I had the option of staying home with him but unfortunately we need the health insurance for him right now. So I guess I will just slog along until I can retire. Just three years and 4 months to go ----- yes, I am counting !!!! Maybe then I will have the time to stitch all the things that I want to. Heaven only knows, I have enough here to stitch for two life times. LOL I have been working on the Just Nan SAL for Jaynes Attic and I am really enjoying it. Instead of plodding along as I usually do, I have about 3/4 of it finished. I love it !!! I am planning to do one of her angels for the rest of the SAL.. When I visited my LNS I found a JN chart for a border for one of her angels and it will fit all of her angels. Ther is also a Christmas stocking that will fit all of the angels also. I will have to plan on making a stocking for each of my granddaughters. I have two now and will have a third come March or April. The family is growing by leaps and bounds. DH's youngest son told him the other day that they are expecting another baby in August or September. That will give us 14 grandchildren for this next Christmas. 4 for me and 10 for him. Of course he has four children and I only have two. Prolific little devils !!!! LOL Anyway here is a pic of my Just Nan SAL. Hope you have a great day.


Carolyn NC said...

Lol - Prolific little devils! - too cute. Love your JN piece and the rest of your pieces you're planning. Good luck with the stockings!

DUSTY said...

Thanks Corolyn.