Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy Again.

We had lovely sunny weather for several days and now it is raining again and is supposed to rain for the rest of the week.  I know it is good for the flowers but the sun did feel nice. I guess I will eventually get the front of my house the way I want it.  I will have to be quick and get out there in between rainy days.  I was walking in the back the other day and found a cluster of wild violets.  They are so pretty.  So I ran and got my camera and took a picture.

As far as stitching, I have been working on a few small things but mainly just sitting and relaxing. It is unusual for me to sit and do nothing but there you have it, I have been a lazy slug !!  LOL

I hope you have sunny skies and a wonderful day !!  Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Is Here !!!!

At last the sun is shining !!! The last several days have been beautiful. Cool at night but warm during the day. I didn't think it would ever get here.  My Lilac bush is loaded with blooms, I am sure all this wet weather has helped that out. The air is full of their wonderful scent.  As you can see I have a mixed bush, both purple and white.  I love them !!!!!

My Lilac Bush, isn't it lovely !!!

A close up of the Lilacs

Another close up of the Lilacs, can't you just smell them.

As far as my stitching, i have finally finished my Homage to Japan, a SAL through the Sticklounge.  i love the way it looks.  I just need to take a run to the LNS to get the hardware for a bell pull. I have also been working on the RR for Needlecraft Haven. I should be finish with that either today or tomorrow.

Homage to Japan / Sticklounge SAL

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day !!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back Again !!!

Sorry I have been away for so long.  I didn't realize that so much time had passed by.  We went to DH's daughter's home for Easter and had a great time.  We always do.  DH was not feeling well but we went anyway.  He had a good time but was very tired when we got home. Here are some pictures from the day.
DH / Easter Sunday

Nikki and Katy / 2 granddaughters

Donna (DH's daughter) and her Mother

our Katy -- what a ham !!!

The whole gang, of course I am taking the photo !!  LOL !! 

I stitched on my Chatelaine Mini Mandala Rose garden and have it ready for the beads, it should really pop once they are added. I also finished a small freebie I had on hand. My Homage to japan is almost done.  I have one more part to stitch and then I will have another finish for 2011.  And I finished The 2011 Easter SAL from Novalee.  It was a fun piece to stitch.
Mini Mandala Rose Garden / Chatelaine

Joy / Hand Blessings

Homage to Japan / Sticklounge SAL

2011 Easter SAL / Novalee

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great day.