Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mandala Progress

I finished part 41 of the Mandala SA for the German Group.  I have 19 more to go.  Deadline is August 26 -- think I'll make it???  My needles have been working overtime. LOL  Here it is so far.  The lighting in my bedroom was terrible.  The fabric is supposed to be pink.  Incandescent lights give everything a yellow hue. I'll now better the next time.
I also finished a small Just Nan design.  I had to get a new hummingbird bead for it as I put the first one away so I wouldn't lose it and now can't find it. I seem to do that often.  It must be "old age "  LOL I am gong to finish it as an ornie and give as a gift.  Here it is.  As you can see my hands were a little shaky today.

The fabric for this one is supposed to be white.  You can bet I won't take pictures in there again. LOL

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Good Day !!!

Today was a great day.  We had a party at a neighbor's house for the Birthday of another neighbor. DH had a good time also and stayed until 10PM, that is amazing for him.  One of the neighbors plays a keyboard and had it outside for our entertainment along with his singer. They entertained us as we ate. it was a good old fashioned cook out. You know, hotdogs, hamburgers and all the salads and trimmings that go along with it.  We all sang, joked, ate and had a gfay old time all evening. I finally got home at 11 PM. At least I didn't have far to go as it waas right across the street. here are some pictures. Now I am off to do a little stitching and then off to bed.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Rainy Friday

The weather here has been terrible. Yesterday and today we have had heavy rains with tornado warnings and severe thunder storm warnings.  It rained so heavy that our street looked like a river. They are predicting another heat wave for the next few days. The temperature is supposed to be in the hundreds again.  Thank goodness we have an A?C, I don't think DH would be able to handle the heat and humidity without it.  He has a hard time breathing when the air gets to heavy. So we pretty much stay indoors when it gets bad.  He likes to sit out on the porch and watch the neighborhood for short periods of time.  He keeps me abreast of all the gossip going on. LOL

I have been working on my Mandala for the German Group. I love the way it is looking.  I just finished parts 31-35.  And I have started parts 36-41.  There are 60 parts all together and the deadline is August 26th.  I am stitching like crazy to get it done.  Here is what I have done so far. Take care and thanks for looking. Try to stay cool.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm Back

I was surprised at how long it has been since I last posted.  Time goes by so fast.  It can boggle the mind. We are staying indoors trying to stay cool.  At least the temperature has not been in the 100's for the last week.  Our A/C was working overtime, thank goodness it didn't give out.
  I have been doing a lot of stitching and loving it. I finished the small ornie that I did for my aunt as well as a get well card. Her surgery went well and the pathology on her breast tissue showed that they have a clean margin.  Now she just has to endure Chemo because of the type of cancer that it is.  Amazingly, she has had very little pain. Here are the the card and ornie finishes.
I managed to bring out my Sweet Pea Fairy, she now has legs and wings.  I was surprised that the wings worked up as well as they did.  They are all done with Kreinik #4 very fine braid.  I love all the sparkle. I have to do the beads and the swirls around her and then she will be finished. Here she is for you to see.       

I also managed to finish my part in the ongoing Round Robin for Jayne's Attic. This one was Teddy Bears, cute to stitch. I had to concentrate on my stitching as this one was stitched \\\ and crossed back ///, which is the opposite from the way I stitch.  I ended up doing a little frogging but not too bad. The whole piece is cute.  Her is the picture for you to she the two that I stitched and the whole piece.                                 
Well I guess I have rambled on long enough.  I hope everyone is well and staying cool. Take care.

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Good Day !!

Today DH turned 70 years old.  As the kids used to say "Happy Ti Ti Bo Bo",  how they got that from happy birthday I'll, never figure out.  You know little ones though, they have a language of their own.  LOL  We had a quiet day, of course the phone rang constantly with birthday greetings for him.  He was delighted.  I took him out for supper to his favorite restaurant, Maine Fish Market. It used to be just a hole in the wall fish market but has grown over the years to a fantastic seafood restaurant. We both had Sea Scallops and left the place groaning we were so full.  All of the waitresses came to the table with a piece of chocolate fudge cake and a candle and sang happy birthday to him. He said he was embarrassed but he was really enjoying the attention.  All in all it was a great day.  He was even feeling better today as the weather was on the cool side and the humidity low.  He was still singing happy birthday as he was going to bed.  I guess you never really grow up.LOL  He told me that he never thought that he would live this long.  Thank God for blessings.