Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Quiet Sunday

I am enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday -- no work today!!! yippee !!!!! I am off every other week end, so look forward to each one. It is so cold here that we have not stuck our noses out of the house all week end. I didn't get any stitching done yesterday because of a headache that just would not leave me alone. I sat like a slug all day. I think the only thing I did was make supper for us -- a very easy Tuna Casserole. Oh and I did clean up the kitchen afterwards. Other than that nothing. Hopefully I will get some stitching done today after all my chores are done -- all the ones I didn't do yesterday. LOL
Our visit to the MD on Thursday was enlightening to say the least. They found that DH is holding fluid in his abdomen as well as his feet and ankles. The MD lowered his current diuretic (water pill) and is adding another type of diuretic to his long list of meds. It seems to be working, as his breathing has been a little better since he started it. So we will see. We don't go too far as he can't tolerate this severe cold weather we are having, so for the winter we are like hermits. I don't go far, just to the store for food stuff and work. At least I feel better about leaving him alone while I am at work.
Stitching wise, I don't have a lot to report. I started to work on Clare's RR but there is not enough progress to show yet. I have been trying to stay on top of the Marquoir for the German Group as it ends the end of February. I should have something to show tomorrow.
Hope everyone is enjoying their week end and stitching away. Take care !!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

January TUSAL

I am late but here is my TUSAL so far.

A New Day

I can't believe that I am up and functioning at 7 AM. I am not a morning person as a rule. But I napped on and off last evening so I guess I didn't need the extra sleep this morning. I am normally just going to bed at 4 or 5 am. LOL

DH had a pretty good day yesterday. We went to the Pulmonologist on Monday as scheduled. They did a Breathing capacity study on him and his breathing has declined since the last one they did. The Pulmonologist still seems to think most of his problems are Cardiac related instead of lung related. It is hard to tell because he is so compromised with both. The MD ordered an Overnight Oximetry (amount of blood oxygen while he is sleeping) Study to be done. We are just waiting for the Techs to get in touch with us to schedule the test. We go to our Primary Doctor today. We both have appointments. Mine is just routine. I am sure we will learn the lab results on DH today. The Pulmonologist did a chest x-ray when we were there Monday but we haven't heard anything yet. It seems like my whole social life revolves around MD visits. sigh!!!

I have been stitching on a Christmas SAL for the German Marquoir Group, the SAL ends the end of February so I am working away so I can get all the parts. I missed the last part on one of them because of a deadline. So hopefully I will make it this time. Her is my efforts so far.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Noon Time

Had to cancel DH's appointment with the Pulmonologist today he just didn't feel well enough to go out of the house. We are supposed to go on Monday morning. Hopefully he will feel up to it by then. I have been fighting with a clogged kitchen sink for the past three days trying to clear it myself. No luck, I had to get someone in today to do it. I did plumbing for about fifteen years but can't climb under cabinets anymore. The knees won't let me. Isn't aging a wonderful thing ???? LOL Well I am off to clean my messy kitchen. Haven't been able to do disshes for a couple of days, isn't that a mixed blessing. LOL

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back to Work

Well i finally went back to work today. I have been off for the past week with DH. He health is not good. They finally put him on steroids and an antibiotic this past Friday and today he felt a little better. At least enough so I could go back to work. I was afraid to leave him alone for very long as his breathing was so bad. This Friday we go to the pulmonologist and see what he has to say.

I didn't get very much stitching done even though I was not working. DH took up a lot of my time. Bless his heart, it frustrates him so much to be dependant on anyone. hopefully when the warmer weather gets here he will fare a little better.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Computer Day

Today was a day off from work as well as tomorrow. I spent most of the evening on the computer trying to clear my mail box. What a chore -- 9,000 emails !!! yikes !!! I try to get on the computer about every three days and stitch in between. ( in between work and home that is LOL ) DH is still not doing to well. He can't tolerate this cold weather and stays in the house most of the time. I wish I had the option of staying home with him but unfortunately we need the health insurance for him right now. So I guess I will just slog along until I can retire. Just three years and 4 months to go ----- yes, I am counting !!!! Maybe then I will have the time to stitch all the things that I want to. Heaven only knows, I have enough here to stitch for two life times. LOL I have been working on the Just Nan SAL for Jaynes Attic and I am really enjoying it. Instead of plodding along as I usually do, I have about 3/4 of it finished. I love it !!! I am planning to do one of her angels for the rest of the SAL.. When I visited my LNS I found a JN chart for a border for one of her angels and it will fit all of her angels. Ther is also a Christmas stocking that will fit all of the angels also. I will have to plan on making a stocking for each of my granddaughters. I have two now and will have a third come March or April. The family is growing by leaps and bounds. DH's youngest son told him the other day that they are expecting another baby in August or September. That will give us 14 grandchildren for this next Christmas. 4 for me and 10 for him. Of course he has four children and I only have two. Prolific little devils !!!! LOL Anyway here is a pic of my Just Nan SAL. Hope you have a great day.