Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Quiet Sunday

I am enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday -- no work today!!! yippee !!!!! I am off every other week end, so look forward to each one. It is so cold here that we have not stuck our noses out of the house all week end. I didn't get any stitching done yesterday because of a headache that just would not leave me alone. I sat like a slug all day. I think the only thing I did was make supper for us -- a very easy Tuna Casserole. Oh and I did clean up the kitchen afterwards. Other than that nothing. Hopefully I will get some stitching done today after all my chores are done -- all the ones I didn't do yesterday. LOL
Our visit to the MD on Thursday was enlightening to say the least. They found that DH is holding fluid in his abdomen as well as his feet and ankles. The MD lowered his current diuretic (water pill) and is adding another type of diuretic to his long list of meds. It seems to be working, as his breathing has been a little better since he started it. So we will see. We don't go too far as he can't tolerate this severe cold weather we are having, so for the winter we are like hermits. I don't go far, just to the store for food stuff and work. At least I feel better about leaving him alone while I am at work.
Stitching wise, I don't have a lot to report. I started to work on Clare's RR but there is not enough progress to show yet. I have been trying to stay on top of the Marquoir for the German Group as it ends the end of February. I should have something to show tomorrow.
Hope everyone is enjoying their week end and stitching away. Take care !!


Carolyn NC said...

Hope DH continues to improve! Now just relax and enjoy the day!

stitchinfiend said...

I pray that DH continues to improve.

DUSTY said...

Thank you ladies. i am hoping that the warmer weather will help that is if we ever get any. LOL