Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well here is my offerings for this month. If it keeps growing as fast as it is I will need a larger container for it. As you can see, I have been stitching more here lately. I have another of my Mrs Albee figurines watching over it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Again.

Monday is finally behind me, thankfully. Work was crazy as usual. I have several really sick patients right now so things can get hectic quick. The week end was a productive one. We had all the rain and wind from the Nor'easter that came through Saturday and Sunday. Thank God it was rain and not snow, at least you don't have to shovel the rain. The lights flickered but thankfully didn't go out. A lot of people lost their power from the storm. Some areas were hit pretty bad. We have tree branches down in the yard and in the woods behind the house. But everything was OK. DH and I just hibernated for the week end. I did managed to get quite a bit of stitching done while I was kept inside though. I caught up on two of my SAL's for the German Marquoir Group ( I am so far behind every one else sigh !!!) and have two more to work on. This is my progress on Mandala and Zentangle 2.
I decided to start a new one, I know I shouldn't have but it was calling to me. It is Lavender Garden by Martina Weber from the Gift of Stitching Mag October 2006 issue. I am really enjoying it and trying to do a small rotation so I get a little done on all of them. I love the looks of it so far. And it is a really enjoyable stitch.
This last piece is one that I finished the stitching on quite a long time ago and just let it rest with all the other pieces that I have completed. Our Primary Care Physician is retiring at the end of the month and I wanted to give him something nice. He is a wonderful man and I/we will miss him terribly but he is 70 and needs to have some time to travel and spend time with family while he is still healthy and able to. I gave this to him last week and he had tears in his eyes that I thought of him so fondly. He has been my doctor for the past 19 years . He will be missed by a lot of people. I was shocked to how big of a practice he had when they new doctors had an open house to introduce the new group to Dr Sethi's patients. The amount of people was mind boggling. He never had a crowded waiting room . He felt it was rude to make people wait for long periods of time. And he always had time to sit and talk to you in his office after he examined you. I have been spoiled. I sure hope this new group can stand up to his standards. We will see. This piece is a Loopy Lou SAL that was done on Jayne"s Attic several years ago. I just love the looks of it

Saturday, March 6, 2010

End of the Day !!!

Work wasn't as bad as it could have been thankfully. But then week ends are usually quieter than the rest of the week. Two more days to go. LOL Yesterday I was a lazy bum. I sat in my chair all day and stitched. I didn't even stick my nose out of the house. DH made supper for us. I managed to finish my Just Nan SAL for Jayne's Attic and the Brides Tree SAL Flower for March. I just love days when I can indulge myself. Aren't I bad !! hee hee hee Here is what I stitched on :

Just Nan Memories and Flower for March / Brides Tree SAL

Ella update

I heard today that Ella is up to 4 lbs 5 ozs. She is just growing away. Maybe she will get to come home early. She is thriving wonderfully. thanks for all the prayers and good wishes.