Sunday, July 31, 2016

End of July, 2016

It is hard to believe that July is pretty much over. Between all the work being done on the house and my recent Cataract surgery, time has flown by. I now have a new roof, new windows and a new door. They are going to do some work in the bathroom this week, nothing dramatic, just things that need to be done. My poor mobile home is fifty years old and like me it has it's aches and pains. I am hoping with the new windows that my heating bill will be a lot not more comfortable in my wallet this winter. 

I just love what they did with my stained glass window. My brother-in-law made it for my step father quite a while ago and the smashing on the outside was starting to rot. It now so lovely. They did a wonderful job of framing it and I have a double glazed window behind it.

This is what the other Windows look like. I love them. I used to have the ones that crank open, these are so much easier and I won't have to take down screens and put up storms every year. They even tilt for cleaning. So nice !! 

My new door looks great also. They still have to do the trim but it looks good already.

My stitching has been very slow with my eyes but I am hoping now that the surgery is done that things in that area will improve.

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a wonderful day !!

Friday, July 8, 2016

July, 2016

I haven't been as faithful to blogging as I should, and I am sorry for that. I do enjoy reading everyone's blogs but time passes and I don't seem to remember to check them. It has been almost two years since I lost Rich and I miss him. Eventually I guess I will get involved in things again, he was my involvement when he was sick for so long. I feel lost without that purpose on a daily basis. Ok enough of the pity party.

My stitching has been sporadic at best. I did do some things for my niece for her wedding and some gifts for family . My trip to Texas was in March and I enjoyed spending time with my younger sister.

Wedding pillow , garters, and bridal bag !!
Tote bags for family

And of course there has to be a picture of the bride. I just love her gown !!

And my sister and her husband. I love this particular shot.

And of course the happy couple.

I am having work done on the house right now and will post those pictures another day. Thank you for listening to my moans and letting me share my family with you. Take care and have a nice day!!