Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another Day

It was freezing cold yesterday, in the 20's. brrrrr!! Today it is supposed to warm up. Crazy weather!! But then that is New England for you. I worked yesterday, and will work again today and Wednesday. then two days off. YEA!!!! Love those days off. I still have not had the time to get any decorating done around here. Hopefully I will get something done on my days off . I have been trying to get some stitching done. If I get on the computer then nothing gets done. Time just seems to fly by. I am working on a couple of Hardanger Angels foR a girl at work. I don't usually take orders as I don't like to work under pressure. I just enjoy the act of stitching. It seems to relax me after a stressful day at work. i will try to post pictures when I get a chance. I guess that is about all for today. Take care.