Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stitching Update

Well here it is middle od September already and the weather is cooling down. I was shocked when the furnace kicked on early this morning.  I added an extra cover over the quilt when I went to bed -- I was cold.  The temp in the house was 62 degrees, a little chilly. Before you know it the leaves will be turning colors.  I love the crisp weather of Fall, the only bad thing is winter soon follows.  LOL

I have had my needles busy the last couple of weeks. I am trying to get my part of the RR for NCH finished so I can get it into the mail.  It is coming along nicely and should be on it's way in a couple of days. I love this one.
The Bird Table / Lanarte  / RR for NCH

I also added some more to the Dragonfly Hardanger that I pulled out of my UFO pile and it is doing well. I ran out of thread and had to make a trip to the LNS last week. I left there with my wallet a lot skinnier. LOL

Dragonfly Hardanger / Satin stitches

Stash Haul

 I did a little more on Bubbles. It still fascinates me for some reason. LOL

Bubbles / Imaginating

And last but not least, I started part 3 of Confetti of Hardanger last night. A dratted frog was sitting on my shoulder and I couldn't get him to leave me alone.  So I frogged almost as much as I stitched. I had to put it away before I threw it in a corner. It seems I couldn't count to baste or stitch. But here is my offering so far. Maybe tomorrow will be a better stitching day.

Confetti of Hardanger start of part 3 / The Stitch specialists

Well, thank you for visiting, I love to hear your comments. take care and have a great day !!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Quick Post

It is late again, as usual. LOL !! The last two days have not been good ones for me. I have been in quite a bit of pain from my back. Not sure what triggered it but I sure do wish it would settle down some and give me some ease. Oh well, such is life.

I did manage a little stitching though.  I finished a long lingering UFO with a few adjustments.  I started White Musings / TGOSM quite a while ago and shortened it a little changing some of the rows of stitches. It was originally too long for my wall space hence the need for adjustments. Here it is, not sure if I am going to do a white frame or make a wall hanging with it.

White Musings / TGOSM

I pulled out a Hardanger piece that I had started and added some more Kloster blocks to it. Maybe this one will get finished this year too. I am trying to whittle down my UFO pile and I am making a little progress. LOL
Dragonfly / Satin Stitches
Not a whole lot but every little bit counts. I may end up frogging as I have been stitching with pain meds the last couple of days. They sometimes make my mind a little muzzy. LOL We will see.

Thanks for the visit and have a great day.