Monday, December 27, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow !!!

The snow finally found us !!  yikes !!!  It started yesterday around 9AM and is still snowing but starting to stop. We have plenty of it on the ground.  The snow plows have been out and the shoveling has started. Thankfully I don't have to go out in it to go to work. That is one good thing you can say for retirement. The wind is terrible and a lot of people have lost their power because of it.  So far we are ok.

Front yard from porch

side yard from porch

Our Christmas was a good one.  We went to my son's home for Christmas Eve for dinner and gifts.  My DIL makes Lasagna every year for Christmas Eve.  Yum, so good. She decorated their tree this year with teddy bears. So cute !! We had a good time until DH started to feel unwell. So we left around 9 PM.

Charlie and Linda's Tree

Charlie and Linda (my hands weren't too steady )


 We went to Dh's daughter's home for Christmas Day, it was along day but a good one.  All DH's children and his grands were there. Big crowd !!  The teens were all in the basement playing pool, they would pop upstairs every once in a while to get food. And there was a abundance of food.  We ate all day !!!!!
Christmas Tree at Kim and Billie's

Everyone in the kitchen

DH peeling potatoes

Nikki - granddaughter

Kim and Billie cooking

Nikki and Donna (DH's youngest daughter and her daughter)

Jeannie ( DH's ex wife)

Kim and Billie in the kitchen

Donna, Diego, Santiago and Juan Pablo

DH and I in front of fireplace

Monday, December 20, 2010

I Am Getting Better

I am getting better, I just posted three days ago and here I am again.  LOL  Maybe the New Year will be a better one.  I have posted a picture of my granddaughter.  This one of her Senior pictures. She finished her Senior year early and will walk with here class in May. She plans to go to Nursing School next fall. I know I am biased but isn't she beautiful.
Audra Senior Picture
This is another ornie class from the LNS, you can't tell from the picture but each line is a different stitch. Her ornies are always something different.

Glowing Bulb
This next one is a chart that I have had for a while.  the design is one from Cricket Collection.  It was a freebie several years ago.  I finished the stitching on it today.

Cricket Collection Freebie
And finally. I was able to finish part 4 of the When Stars Collide.  This is a SAL for the Sticklounge (German Group) and was designed by Tam. The colors don't show up very well but it is overdyed purple from Threadworx and gold braid from Kreinik on Pink/Rose fabric Monaco.  It really is a fun stitch.  I enjoy Blackwork anyway.
When Stars Collide part 4 by Tam
That is all for now.  If I don't get back on the computer, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.  Take Care

Friday, December 17, 2010

Middle of December

My time since Thanksgiving has been very hectic.Rich has had some health issues again but is doing ok right now. We also had a death of a long time family friend. My best friend's brother finally ended his ordeal with Muscular Distrophy.  He was only 60 years old and has spent the last 2 1/2 years in a nursing home. My best friend died of MD about 5 years ago. He was the last of the family to go.  My best friend's daughter was pretty upset about her uncle's death and stayed with me during her stay for the wake and funeral.  She has called me mama dusty since she was a very little girl and told me I was all she had left.  It broke my heart. But I told her I would always be there for her and her children no matter what. I just wish she was not so far away.  I am sorry to go on. It was just a very emotional time .
On another note, my LNS has had ornie classes for the Holidays again this year and since I am retired I have been able to attend all of them this year. I was even able to attend an open class for two projects for the EGA.  So my fingers have been busy.  I even managed to do more on Zentangle and am not too far from a finish. Below are pictures of my stitching.

Blackwork Bulb
class from LNS

Sparking Bulb LNS Class

Danish Star EGA class (just needs to be assembled)

Zentangle thru part 13