Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Bitter Cold Day

The weather has turned so cold the last couple of days. the cold goes right through to your bones or maybe that is just my age.  LOL  If it isn't snowing it is bitter cold.  Will this winter ever end.  Come on Spring!!!  LOL

 I didn't get any stitching done today.  I tried but it just didn't happen maybe tomorrow.  I did manage to get more done on Zentangle and When Stars Collide  -- Sticklounge SALs over the last couple of days.  Here is the two of them so far.
When Stars Collide / Sticklounge SAL
Zentangle / Sticklounge SAL

Thanks for stopping in, stay warm and have a nice day !!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Crazy Challenge Starts

I managed to start my fifteen projects.  I had to change my original list as some of the threads for the needlepoint ornies had not come in and my muse liked something else. I had to take off homage to Japan as the first part of the SAL does not start until the 17 th of this month. But I am pleased with my choices none the less. I have my starts here for you to see.  They do not look like much right now but should grow as the year goes by.
Chalelaine / Christmas Tree Mandala

Snow Poem Tree by Erynne Chard

Peek-A-Boo Christmas by Trilogy 

Needlepoint Candles Ornie -- all the sparkle does not show in a photo

Hardanger Graduation Sampler for my Granddaughter

Knitted Scarf for Special Olympics

A Rose is A Rose by La-D-Da

Pearl Drops by Judy Dixon / I changed the colors

Byzantine Gem by Papillon

chatelaine / Tiny Rose Mandala Garden

Hardanger Table Scarf

Hardanger Angel

There are my efforts, now lets see how many make it to a finish in 2011.  LOL
Have a great day and thanks for looking
BTW  DH is home from the hospital and doing better.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hectic !!!

Life around here has been anything but dull.  DH is having problems again.  He hasn't felt well since right after Christmas. Tuesday he started vomiting. Anything with GI symptoms get my attention as that is what he has instead of pain when his heart problems act up. He was feeling so bad that he asked to go to the Emergency Room.  He has to be really bad to ask for that. We got to the ER at 12 midnight, of course they saw him right away because of his heart.  Once he was stable we waited for lab results and such.  To make a long story short, they decided to admit him for observation and testing. i was amazed when he didn't kick up a fuss over being admitted. So as of right now he is in the hospital.  I finally made it home at 8 AM and fell on my bed and hugged my pillow.  I was back to the hospital late afternoon.  He is supposed to have some more tests done tomorrow and maybe discharged to home depending on the results. He does well for a while and then he has problems.  He gets so frustrated at times.  Bless his heart.

My stitching for the challenges has had a slow start but I am trying to keep up.  In five days I have managed to have 3 new starts. We will see what time permits. Here is my three new starts.  They don't look like much right now but will improve with time.

Christmas design - counted canvas by Kick Back and Stitch love the colors and all the stitches

Another design by Kick Back and Stitch 

Mary Poppins Sampler / Sticklounge part 1 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Dreary Sunday !!!

It has been a cold dreary Sunday.  I have been futzing around the house trying to get a few things done.  Housework ! YUK !!!!!  But it must be done or we would live like slobs I guess.  LOL  DH and I got lazy and went out for supper.  We received a gift card for 99 Restaurant and decided to use it.  it is always great when your meal only costs you $5.37.  I do love gift cards.  I am on the computer to pay some bills and then I am going to stitch.  Not enough done on any one thing to post a picture but maybe by the end of the week I can show an update.  I hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far.  I am having trouble remembering to right 2011 on things.  LOL   All the dates were transferred from the old calendar to the new one, so at least we have all the birthdays and Anniversaries taken care of.  If I don't right then on the calendar, someone inevitably gets forgotten. With sixteen grands that is not hard to do. Well I am off to stitch.  Have a wonderful day and smile !!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stitching Challenge for 2011

Here is my list for both the UFO Challenge and the Stitching Challenge

UFO Challenge
  1. Morning Glory Fairy /Mirabilia (75%)
  2. Sweet Pea Fairy / Mirabilia (75%)
  3. Queen of Freedom / Mirabilia (40%)
  4. Garden Angel / LaDeDa (75%)
  5. Vierlanden Quaker Sampler/ Weihenberg (50%)
  6. Canvaswork Snowman Ornie / EGA class (50%)
  7. Weihenberg Quaker Sampler (15%)
  8. Carnation Sampler / Weihenberg (15%)
  9. Zentangle 2 / Sticklounge SAL (80%)
  10. When Stars Coillide / Sticklounge SAL (50%)
  11. See The Stars / Sticklounge SAL (50%)
  12. Hearts Red and White / Sticklounge SAL (25%)
  13. White Musings Band Sampler / TGOSM (50%)
Stitching Challenge
  1. Hardanger Graduation Sampler for Granddaughter
  2. Knit Scarf for Special Olympics
  3. Crochet Scarf for Special Olympics
  4. Snow Poem Tree / Erynne Chard
  5. Chatelaine Workshop 01
  6. Chalelaine Workshop 04
  7. Chatelaine Workshop 05
  8. Chatelaine Workshop 06
  9. Mary Poppins Sampler / Sticklounge SAL
  10. Homage to Japan Band Sampler / Sticklounge SAL
  11. August Canvaswork Ornie
  12. September Canvaswork Ornie
  13. October Canvaswork Ornie
  14. November Canvaswork Ornie
  15. December Canvaswork Ornie
Well I think that will keep me busy. Now to see how well I meet the Challenge.
Take care everyone and have a Happy New Year !!!