Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hectic !!!

Life around here has been anything but dull.  DH is having problems again.  He hasn't felt well since right after Christmas. Tuesday he started vomiting. Anything with GI symptoms get my attention as that is what he has instead of pain when his heart problems act up. He was feeling so bad that he asked to go to the Emergency Room.  He has to be really bad to ask for that. We got to the ER at 12 midnight, of course they saw him right away because of his heart.  Once he was stable we waited for lab results and such.  To make a long story short, they decided to admit him for observation and testing. i was amazed when he didn't kick up a fuss over being admitted. So as of right now he is in the hospital.  I finally made it home at 8 AM and fell on my bed and hugged my pillow.  I was back to the hospital late afternoon.  He is supposed to have some more tests done tomorrow and maybe discharged to home depending on the results. He does well for a while and then he has problems.  He gets so frustrated at times.  Bless his heart.

My stitching for the challenges has had a slow start but I am trying to keep up.  In five days I have managed to have 3 new starts. We will see what time permits. Here is my three new starts.  They don't look like much right now but will improve with time.

Christmas design - counted canvas by Kick Back and Stitch love the colors and all the stitches

Another design by Kick Back and Stitch 

Mary Poppins Sampler / Sticklounge part 1 


Lesleyanne said...

Hope your husband is soon home from hospital. lovely starts for your challenge.

Christine said...

Sorry to hear your husband has health issues, hope he cancome home soon

Julie said...

Hope DH is soon feeling brighter, take care Dusty xx

Nice new starts for the challenge

Dani - tkdchick said...

I hope your husband is home and feeling better!

Nice new starts!

DUSTY said...

thank you everyone !!!