Monday, December 5, 2011

Hi Everyone !!!

I can't believe that it has been so long since the last time I posted. As I've said before, I just don't know were the time goes. Since July we have had to deal with a hurricane, DH's health problems and numerous other things that have cropped up along the way.  For Halloween we had our first snow storm of the season that left us with many trees down and no power or heat for six days. After that my stitchging mojo was hiding under the bed and refused to come out. LOL I finally managed to coax the little bugger out recently and started stitching again.  I am working on an Advent Ornament SAL with the Sticklounge. All are by differnt designers and all are pretty.  I am behind in my stitching ( nothing unusual there LOL) but I have six designs finished and working on more.  I am also working on The Berlin Work Sampler / Sticklounge by Pelin Tezar. I love this design and am working on the next part right now. Below are pictures of my efforts.  I hope everyone is enjoying good health and preparing for the coming holidays.  I will try to be more faithful to my posting as time goes on.  Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day !!!

Advent Calendar part1 / Sticklounge

Advent  Calendar part 2 / Sticklounge

Advent Calendar part 3 / Sticklounge

Advent Calendar part 4 / Sticklounge

Advent Calendar part 5 / Sticklounge

Advent Calendar part 6 / Sticklounge

Berlin Work Sampler by Pelin Tezar / Sticklounge