Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mandala Progress

I finished part 41 of the Mandala SA for the German Group.  I have 19 more to go.  Deadline is August 26 -- think I'll make it???  My needles have been working overtime. LOL  Here it is so far.  The lighting in my bedroom was terrible.  The fabric is supposed to be pink.  Incandescent lights give everything a yellow hue. I'll now better the next time.
I also finished a small Just Nan design.  I had to get a new hummingbird bead for it as I put the first one away so I wouldn't lose it and now can't find it. I seem to do that often.  It must be "old age "  LOL I am gong to finish it as an ornie and give as a gift.  Here it is.  As you can see my hands were a little shaky today.

The fabric for this one is supposed to be white.  You can bet I won't take pictures in there again. LOL


Julie said...

Love the JN design, the hummingbird is so pretty.

Mandala is growing nicely too

Gillie said...

Hmmm, no housework, don't leave the house, don't sleep, you'll make it! I love the Just Nan, very delicate and lovely colours!