Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy Again.

We had lovely sunny weather for several days and now it is raining again and is supposed to rain for the rest of the week.  I know it is good for the flowers but the sun did feel nice. I guess I will eventually get the front of my house the way I want it.  I will have to be quick and get out there in between rainy days.  I was walking in the back the other day and found a cluster of wild violets.  They are so pretty.  So I ran and got my camera and took a picture.

As far as stitching, I have been working on a few small things but mainly just sitting and relaxing. It is unusual for me to sit and do nothing but there you have it, I have been a lazy slug !!  LOL

I hope you have sunny skies and a wonderful day !!  Thanks for stopping by.


Christine said...

Violets and primroses grow like weeds here (literally, they come up in the lawn, the flower beds, the edges of pots, cracks in the walls and pavements) but they are so pretty I haven't the heart to pull them out.

Julie said...

Dh bought some wild violets at the weekend and planted them in our garden under the trees in the woodland area, he loves them and has been looking for some for ages, fancy seeing a post on here about them!

Mylene said...


Also cloudy and on and off a little bit rain, also cold winds!!

Cait said...

I have a back yard full of Minnesota Wild Violets. Depends on hubby and availability of lawn mower as to how long I get to enjoy them. I love wild violets! Great picture

Cait said...

Imagine a man loving wild violets and actually searching for them to buy! I'd say he is a "Keeper", and don't throw him back into the pool, some other woman might snap him up for his great gentleness!