Monday, July 7, 2014


Life continues to be crazy around here. Saturday a week ago Rich was in the hospital again for his heart and other things. They discharged him to a rehab nursing home for Cardiac Rehab and to try to change his meds around.i was told that the rehab part was from 8-10 weeks. He seems to be doing well with it so far. His long term outlook is not good I am afraid. His heart function as well as his kidney function is declining. The doctor said he may have to come home on Hospice. So we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

As far as me, I am dealing and running back and forth. I am tired. But like the Energiser Bunny I just keep going. My stitching time have suffered I am afraid. I am doing well to keep up with RR and exchanges that I am involved in. Someday there may be time but until then I do what I can do.
 I am including some pictures of recent stitching and exchanges.

This is the Summer Exchange I sent to my partner with the Needlecraft Haven group. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I even made the cording that I used around it. I have been trying my hand at Kumihimo braiding and find that I enjoy it.

This is the gift I received from my partner. The berries are beads. So lovely. Now to find a place on my limited wall space to display it.

This is the front and back of a Needlebook I did for an exchange on UK Stitchers another group I am in. This one was a pleasure to stitch and I may make more in other colors. There is a scissor keep to match but that is not finished as of yet stitched but not finished.

This is the inside of the Needlebook. The lining is hand stitched along the edges.

I am also finishing up my part on a RR that I am stitching , I will post pictures another time.

Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day !!


Val said...

Lovely update Dusty :) and some lovely stitching there...I will google that braiding as I have never heard of it and of course will want to try :)

Val xx

SheilasEmbroidery said...

Dusty what a lovely blog you have. Knowing the problems you are going through at the moment I am surprised you have any time to stitch big hugs to you and gentle ones for Rich. Tske care my dear we are all he for you.
Xxxxxxxx Sheila

Anonymous said...

Hi Dusty, i really love your needlebook, take care xxJoke

Julie said...

You've made such exquisite exchanges gifts to send out Dusty.
Sending lots of love and {hugs} to you xxxx

Christine said...

Lovely exchange gifts Dusty.

Taffy said...

Love it all. The colors on the flip flops is wonderful. So bright and cheerful. You are doing a great job during a very difficult time. Hugs to you - Taffy

Jenny K said...

Dusty: as the recipient of the needlebook, may I just say - without meaning any insult to your photography! - that the photos don't do your stitching justice. The needlebook is exquisite.

I have tried Kumihimo, and seen it demonstrated, but keep losing count along with which direction I am going round the disc.

Hugs (virtual) to you and Rich. E
Jenny xx

Emily in NC said...

Love the flip flops, so bright and colorful, sure to be treasured. Like the raspberry piece your received, it is so refreshing.

Jennifer M said...

Dusty, keeping you and Rich in prayer. Your stitching looks great. Cute Flip the needlebook and what you received is lovely!
Take Care

LindaLee said...

Dusty. So sorry to hear about your dear husband. The doctors and staff will take care of him, and you need to remember to make sure you don't get run down. Running back and forth visiting and all really is stressful.