Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Monday is Over

Monday always seems to be a bad day at work. It seems as if the administration staff have to cause chaos to earn their week end off. sigh !!! I got to work at 3PM today and walkied into a disaster. One of the patients had fallen and there was a new admit to the unit. As if that wasn't bad enough, one of the doctors came in to renew orders and left with the chart rack sitting on the desk with orders to note. I ended up with 14 charts that needed noting and a nursing note as well as the regular charting that needs to be done. I felt like hiding under the desk after the first hour of the shift. Thankfully though I managed to get it all done and even punched out at 11:20 PM. I sure hope tomorrow is a little calmer. Maybe I might even get to take a supper break. LOL

On a stitching front, I have been trying to get Hardanger Angels finished for an order. Someone at work ordered 6 of them. I have 4 complete and just need to make 2 more. Here are my angels so far. I still need to starch them up but all the stitching is complete.


Dawn said...

Oh Dusty your little hardanger angels are so exquisite.

Carolyn NC said...

Hope work eases off some. Love the angels!

DUSTY said...

thanks Dawn and Carolyn, Hardanger is such a pleasure to do. And it makes a great carry along. Work can be crazy at times when you work with confused patients. But I enjoy it most of the time.