Friday, December 18, 2009

A girl at work asked me to make her six angels for Christmas. I finally finished them. I love the lacy look of Hardanger. here is a picture of my efforts. she waas quite pleased. I think I will have to make another set for my tree.


Lee Albrecht said...

Lindo bordado em hardanger!!! Como é gostoso enfeitar o Natal com trabalhos feito pelas nossas mãos.
Um grande abraço e Feliz Natal!!!

Carolyn NC said...

These are beautiful!

DUSTY said...

Thank you Carolyn.
Lee, the designs are by Hanky Panky Designs and carries them. I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas !!!

Janaina said...

Absolutely adorable! Such delicate pieces! You MUST go for it next year for your onw Xmas tree! Both thumbs up for you, Dusty!
Hugs from sunny Brazil!