Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hanging in !!

It has been two months since Rich passed away. I won't say it has been easy. I miss him and look for him often to find him not there. I have been assured that this is normal , but it is still daunting. Several weeks ago I did make a trip by train to see my Father and Sister in Maryland. The Old Lady with cane in hand boarded a train and away we went. I hadn't been on a train in about fifty years. LOL  It was long, nine hours, but not bad. Amtrak was wonderful in how they helped me along. Kudos to them. I will definitely travel by them again. Anyway I had a great visit with my sister and her family and spent time with my dad. I hadn't been able to get to see him for the last five or six years. He turned 90 this year, I wanted to see him before he was gone. My family lives in the country in Western Maryland, in the mountains. Beautiful country. Here is some pictures of my dad's yard and of course him and I.

Dad and I , he looks great for his age.

This is the view out his picture window. The back of the house faces a meadow, only trees and woods as far as you can see.

This is the side yard and a picture of his grape arbor, it used to produced large dark purple grapes that he used to make wine and jellies from. It doesn't produce any longer.

This is my sister acting silly while doing the dishes. 

We ended the evening around the fire pit making making s'mores, after playing in the swimming pool.
I was tired when I got home but a good tired. Rich would have enjoyed himself but he was unable to travel the last few years of his illness and I didn't feel good about leaving him home alone.

Thank you for visiting and I will try to post a little more regularly. Take care and have a great day !!


Christine said...

Well done to you for tackling that journey Dusty, your Dad's place looks lovely.
Hang in there!
Hugs, Christine

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a lovely visit with family. Glad you were able to get home. It looks very restful!

Clare-Aimetu said...

Great pictures Dusty - especially of you and your Dad x x