Saturday, July 7, 2012

July Already !!!

Well, here it is another month that has gone buy. As I have said in the past -- time does fly !!
I had DH at the ER again a couple of weeks ago. He had a coughing fit and fractured a rib -- again !! He has done this in the past - quite a while ago but it happened again. He is doing better now but was in a great deal of pain for a while. We mostly stay home with the heat as it tends to bother him. We had a very quiet fourth of July. I took DH out to dinner on the 2nd as it was his birthday -- 72 years old. I teased him and called him "my little old man " LOL  he didn't see the humor. But even though he would never admit it, I know he enjoys the teasing.

As far a s stitching, I have tried to keep busy. WIP's have been my main focus as well as the stitching I needed to do for RR and exchanges. I did finish The Mighty Oak and now just need to decide how to frame it. Vierlanden Susanne by Wiehenburg resurfaced and I am proud to say that it only need one more medallion and it is finished also. The birth record that I started for my friends granddaughter is also finished and waiting to get framed. I window paned a stitched piece on a tote bag for my partner in the Summer Exchange for Needlecraft Haven and since she has received it I can post a picture, as well as the lovely little pillow that I received from my partner. Now I need to get busy on the next RR mailing, it is one of Margaret Sherry's Calendar Cats. I will post a pic when I have something to show. Here are the pictures --
The Mighty Oak / Sticklounge SAL

Vierlanden Susanne / Wiehenburg

Patchwork Angel / Great Big Graphs
I personalized it for a friends

Close-up of Tote / Summer Exchange NCH

Summer Exchange Tote Bag
from me to my partner

Summer Exchange / My gift
Isn't it lovely !!

Well that is it for now. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer even though some areas are having crazy weather. Take care and have a great day. And , thank you for stopping by. Please leave a comment if you wish, I so enjoy reading them.


Val said...

Some lovely stitching there Dusty !!

Val x

Christine said...

Great stitching Dusty!
Sending get well wishes to your DH (but not hugs, they might not be a good idea with a fractured rib - ouch)

WelshHelen said...

I love the Mighty Oak but especially Vierlanden Susanne. What thread(s) are you using on that, Dusty. Whatever it is it's lovely and subtle. Give DH a gentle hug from me :-)


Julie said...

Hope DH is feeling much better. Lots of lovely stitching, love the bag, a great idea.

Jo said...

Love the Mighty Oak SAL it's wonderful as is all your stitching. Hope your DH is feeling a lot better x

DUSTY said...

Thanks for the comments ladies. I used Threadworx # 1157 Morning Meadows. I love the flow of colors , green and purple are my favorite colors anyway. DH is doing much better, at least the pain levels are going down.

Lisa said...

I love the stitching Dusty, and sorry to hear of your DH and his fractured rib and hope he feels better soon.