Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hello !!

Well, here I am again, it seems like my daily doings are turning into monthly doings !! LOL My old lament continues, I don't know where the time goes. It sure goes by fast. Life around here is about the same, DH has been feeling better now that he has lost some of the extra fluid. Our weather has been crazy as usual. It has been getting so cold that some nights the furnace comes on, like I said -- crazy. We had a hot weather snap at the begining of the month and of course our air conditioner decided that was the time to die. Sigh !! As soon as we bought a new one the temperatures dropped - go figure !?! The air conditioner in the car also decided to die, so we are now waiting for a hose that had to be special ordered. As if that is not enough, my washing machine de died to get into the act also. The agitator is not working properly, so I guess I will need to call the repairman for that. I used to be able to fix most things, but after all the surgeries that I have had on my hand, I don't have the strength that I used to have. As far as stitching, it has been slow going. I did manage to finish a small angel for a friend's granddaughter. I just need to frame it. I am on my iPad right now, so I will add a picture when I get on the computer. Thanks for visiting and have a gear day !!


Julie said...

Hello Dusty

What a time you have had, they say breakdowns come in 3's so I think you have had your share for this year.

We put our sun chairs out and it's not stopped raining since!

Much love x

Beaupippin said...

Hi Dusty, looks like youve had your share for this year! Hopefully the weather will improve, as Julie says its done nothing but rain here lately. Looks like I might be doing some stitching this weekend!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Great to read your blog Dusty and nice to hear DH is ok. Much love x

Launce Newlove said...

Hi Dusty! I’m glad to hear that DH is doing better. I’m sorry though that your appliances seemed to have taken Christmas vacation a few months too early. I know how frustrating it is to have the AC break down just when it’s severely in need. My 30-year old AC couldn’t stand the heat when my town hit its hottest temperature in the summer, and literally gave up. It took me a week to get a new, more modern and energy-saving unit; the wait was almost unbearable, but for the thought of a brand new AC.