Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Quiet Day !!!

Today has been a very quiet day, not much stitching as my back has been giving me trouble  -- again.  I think I did too much shoveling the other day. When I take the pain meds I can't function very well as they make me very drowsy, but they do help my back. I just seem to sit like a lump and sleep.  Hope fully this flare-up will settle down soon.
i did receive my Valentine's exchange package finally.  The mail has been giving everyone fits here lately. Anyway I received a nice pair of bed socks, some floss from House of Embroidery and a nicce hand made card from Polly / Needlecraft Haven.  thank you Polly.

Valentine's Sock Exchange / Needlecraft Haven

I think that is about it for today.  I am making a lot of spelling errors, I hope I caught them all. I'll post some more in a day or two.  Have a great day.


Jeanne said...

I hope you back starts to feel better soon! Hopefully no more snow to exacerbate the problem.

Christine said...

Hope your back is feeling better.
Great sock exchange gift!

Julie said...

Super sock exchange gift.

Gentle [[hugs]], hope you are soon feeling better

DUSTY said...

Thanks everyone.