Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day !!!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.  Here is hoping that all of you have a special someone in your life to make you happy, whether two legged or four legged.  We all need a little love.  DH and I will probably spend a quiet day at home, it is too cold to venture to far.  LOL

I have been sitting and either stitching or reading, two of my favorite pastimes. The weather has been kinder to us here lately. The temps have been above freezing during the day and thankfully no new snow fall.  What we already have is starting to melt. What a mess !!!  LOL  We just keep our fingers crossed and hope for an early spring like everyone else.

Clare's Round Robin / Needlecraft Haven

A Little Furry Friend

Progress on Chatelaine's Mini Mandala Rose Garden

Take care and have a good day !!!  thanks for stopping by !!!


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching.

Barb said...

Happy Valentines to you too Dusty.
That little squirrel is just so sweet. Hope the slushy stuff melts away soon, Spring is on its way here thank goodness it is so good to see a little sunshine.

Christine said...

Happy Valentines day to you too Dusty!
Great stitching

Mylene said...

Lovely finishes and WIP. Happy Valentine's Day. Me...i am all alone again, hubby is in Italy for some weeks.

Julie said...

Super stitching, Clare's RR is nice, i seem to remember they are to be coasters for her caravan?

You asked on my blog about Floral Fifteen, your were right it is a Just Nan design, the 15 sided biscornu

Carolyn NC said...

It all looks great!

Sheilasembroidery said...

Happy Valentines to you and your DH Dusty. Hope the snow melt continues. Well done on your stitching

DUSTY said...

Thank you everyone !