Saturday, October 17, 2015

Been Shopping !!

My girl friend and I went for a walk through Big Lots today just for the heck of it. Of course like many other stores, they have started to put out their Christmas items. Well !!  We found the animated stuffed animals, and we were bad. We had all of them going to see what they could do.  I found a lone penguin , pressed his button and lost it !! He is wonderfully funny. He sings a not so old fashioned carol and keeps beat to the music including a lot of boody action. I just had to have him. A silly impulsive purchase for sure. Not like me at all, I am not usually a shopper. But I love him  !! Here is a video of him, see what you think.

The video wouldn't work on here. Drat !! You would have been laughing !! Take care and have a great day !!


Christine said...

He's adorable Dusty! I love penguins

DUSTY said...

I just couldn't resist when I saw him. I can't post the video on here but he dances to music and shakes his booty !., too funny. I put a video on Facebook if you are interested. I bought him at Big Lots.

Julie said...

It's good to laugh, they say its the best medicine don't they .. hope he brings you lots of fun over the festive season.