Monday, June 2, 2014

A Beautiful Day !!

Finally, I think warm weather is here for a while. Today was beautiful !! The sun was shining with not a cloud in site. I sure hope it lasts.

We had an appointment with the Cardiologist today, they have scheduled him for a Nuclear Stress Test on Friday and Monday. And he had labs drawn today.  Rich actually had a fairly good day today. He was a little weak but over all ok. Trips from home do tire him out though.

I have a little stitching to show you today. One is a small one of Joan Elliott's, my aunt found the chart in a consignment shop along with two others. There was no threads or fabric, just a chart so I had to pick my own colors. All the chart listed was a color name. I am pleased with the results.

The next one is a small one by Ink Circles. I used my own color combination and like the results. I did the outlines in 762 instead of the black that is usual. I think I will make a small pillow or a small bag for my iPad. I haven't decided yet.

This last one is a freebie Hardanger piece from Nordic Needle. I was a good girl and used fabric and thread from my stash. I think I will send it to my sister as a little "thinking of you" gift.

Well I think that is all for today. So enjoy the lovely weather and have a wonderful day !!


SoCal Debbie said...

Beautiful stitching, Dusty! Is the girl in the Joan Elliott design ironing clothes? Your Ink Circles piece is beautiful.

Thank you for commenting on my blog!

DUSTY said...

Thanks Deb, she is doing laundry. The saying is "when I said "I do" I didn't mean laundry ! ". I thought it was cute !!

Christine said...

Gorgeous stitching Dusty! I think the little Ink Circles piece looks better for not having the stark black outlines

Mylene said...

Lovely stitching Dusty!
And i sure love love your Hardanger piece!Oh, how i miss working on Hardanger but just don't have enough spare time lately.

Julie said...

Your hardanger is always so very beautiful Dusty.
Thinking of you both x

DUSTY said...

Thanks ladies !! Mylene, the Hardanger is a freebie from

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, you are a "no reply" person so here I am!

I love the Ink Circles design you stitched, the colours are so unusual, like pansies or violets.

Glad to hear you are joining with the the JE SAL too.