Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Already !!

Well another month has swiftly passed me by. I didn't even see it go. April was eventful in many ways.  I turned 65 on the 3rd, that is hard to believe.  I received many well wishes from online friends and I thank everyone of you. Your comments brightened my day.  I even got to spend the day with my favorite person, my Aunt.  She is a very special lady to say the least. We spent the day chatting about stitching, family and life. What a joy !!  She even treated me to lunch at The 99 Restaurant. Here is a picture of us at the restaurant

How do you like that "HUGE" dessert that we shared. It was delicious. What a wonderful day !!!

     When I got home I had some sad news though, my brother-in-law lost his battle with cancer and died that morning. He was 79 years old. My sister and he were married for 57 years.  They are not having a funeral now but will have a memorial service in Colorado for him as that was his special place.  He will definitely be missed.  He had a kind and generous nature and a wonderful smile.  Miss you Bill !!

    DH had an infection again and was on prednisone and antibiotics for acute bronchitis.  He is feeling better now but each time he gets sick it takes so much out of him. As I've said before, we just go day by day and thank God for each one.

As far as stitching, I have been plugging along.  I finally managed to finish the Polstitch / Joan Elliott SAL from facebook. It was one of Joan's small angels and she was a joy to stitch. The beads and sparkles don't show up in the picture but she does sparkle.

  I stitched her on 28 ct opalescent Lugana.  I think she is lovely and will be a Christmas gift for my good friend and neighbor.

I finishes a sampler that I started a while ago,  It is from a really old magazine from my stash.  I actually had forgotten that I had torn it out and put it away.  But when I found it , it called to me.  I love the simple look of it. My husband was laughing at me when I finished it as I signed it "DE" instead of "DS".  Heaven only knows why I signed it with my maiden name.  I haven't used it in ages.  LOL  But it turned out pretty even with only two colors.

I managed to get most of The Mighty Oak Sampler / Sticklounge SAL done and am now working on the last two part for another finish.

Another Hardanger piece was picked up and finished also.  it is a small ornie that just needed the beading put on it.  Now all I need to do is trim around it, line it and then make it into an ornie for another finish.

 PHEW !!!  I told you I have been busy.  LOL  Now let's see if I can be as productive this month as I was last month.   hee hee !!

Well another long post is at an end. I want to thank you for visiting and hope you have a wonderful day.
       Take care.


Julie said...

So sorry for your loss Dusty.

A super pic of you and your Aunt, i hope she is doing well.

Beautiful stitching as ever, you do the best hardanger i have ever seen, so neat and perfect!

DUSTY said...

Thanks julie, I love doing it. It seems to go so quick.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Beautiful stitching Dusty.

Your aunt looks like she enjoyed her day too, especially the pud!!

Prayers for Bill, God bless x x