Friday, November 12, 2010

A Fun Day !!!

Today was such a beautiful day.  The temperature got all the way to 70, not bad for mid November.  We (all the neighbors) had our last picnic of the season.  I know November is a little late but we had originally planned to have it around Labor Day but our hostess was bitten on the hand by her cat and was unable to do the honors.  So we all waited and decided we better make a last hurrah while we could.  The grills were working over time with hot dogs and hamburgers. Everyone donated food to the feast. We all had a wonderful time.  I am usually the one with the camera but I forget it this time and only remembered after everyone had finished eating.  We all visited and chatted around the fire. ( fire was in a lone kettle grill ) It was almost like sitting around a camp fire all that was missing was the marshmallows.  LOL We came back home about 7:30 pm happy and contented.  Surprisingly it was not that cold after the sun went down.

After returning home, I was able to finish off another small ornie.  I must have a hundred of the little kits in my stash. It worked up fairly fast. Now to make it into an ornie is next. I also received a surprise in the mail several days ago.  My Aunt and best friend made me a small ornie for my tree.  She said she did it while she was receiving her chemo treatments. So it has a lot of special meaning for me.  She is having trouble with neuropathy in her fingers and occasionally has trouble holding onto the needle.  But she finished this for me.  She is a very special lady. 
Small ornie finish

Ornie stitched by Duggie


Lesleyanne said...

Your finish is lovely. Lovely ornie by your auntie.

Christine said...

Beautiful ornamnet Dusty

Julie said...

A beautiful snowflake ornament, what a wonderful treasure for you.

Your candle design is really lovely too

CameoRoze said...

What a great way to tuck summer away for another year, with a passel of friends and an "open fire." AND another nice ornament. The one from Duggie is precious indeed.

DUSTY said...

Thank you everyone

Mylene said...

A lovely ornament finish, Dusty.

Always smiling said...

Hi Dusty
Lovely ornie, and what a memory to to a have with it. Looked back at all your smalls and you have been busy, they are amazing. I see you're in for another RR so we will be stitching together again my friend!
Happy Stitching
Chris x