Friday, September 3, 2010

September Already !!!

Here it is the 3rd of September, hard to believe.  Someone said to me the other day that we only have 120 or so days left until Christmas.  I just gaped at them in horror.  Christmas already !!!!  Impossible !!!! But time just keeps marching on.  LOL

On a stitching note, I have been busy.  I finished adding the beads to Olivia by Loopy Lou and now just need to find a frame.
I finished a fun piece which says all there is to say in regards to housework.  My DH had a good chuckle when he saw what it said.  I will display it prominently for all to see.  hee hee !!!
I am in a Just Nan SAL on Jayne's Attic and am doing a lot of smalls at the moment. This one is called Painted Lady (a freebie from the 1998 Charlotte Trade show) I just need to get the enameled butterfly for the center and will do that when I go to the LNS this afternoon. I love the simplicity of the design.
This next piece is a small ornie kit from Kreinik that is as old as the hills.  I think I bought it sometime in the 80's and just found it.  Some of the threads in it were so old that they fell apart when I started to stitch with them, so I had to get more. Mainly the blending filament and the Japan gold. it stitched up fast . There is another two or three companion pieces floating around the house somewhere. hope I find them soon.  LOL It is very sparkly.
And last is a Humbug that I stitched for an exchange on the EMS board.  I used one of her designs. This was my first humbug, so I may rethink the top and bottom stitching the next time so more of the stitching shows.  I am just not sure. Maybe a repetitive design would have been a better idea for the next one. I am not sure. That is something to think about anyway.  I don't think this one turned out too bad though.
Well that is my offerings for today.  I hope everyone enjoys the week end. And I also hope that all those living on the East coast don't get hit too bad from the hurricane that is coming in.
Stay safe !!!


KreinikGirl said...

Beautiful job on that Kreinik ornament! I remember those - designed by Kathy Holicky. They are all gorgeous.

Mylene said...

WOW! You sure been busy stitching. All looks great. I especially love the housework piece.

DUSTY said...

LOL Mylene !!!!! Thanks everyone

Elena said...

What beautiful works!

Carolyn NC said...

Love the stitching - awesome!

Julie said...

Lovely humbug, i think the design is lovely for an exchange gift.

The housework piece did make me smile

anne-isis said...

I like so much your "housework" - My mother-in-law would make an attack by reading it !

DUSTY said...

Thank you everyone.

Marcy said...

You've been busy! Everything is lovely. I especially love the housekkeping one. Who is the designer? I think I need to stitch this one ;)