Sunday, April 18, 2010

Middle of April ?????

I can't believe how fast time does fly. A lot has happened this month. Little Ella is home !!!! She came home at 1 month old at 5 lbs 12 ozs. She has really amazed everyone. My DDIL says that she eats like a little pig. LOL She is past the 6 lb mark and growing more all the time. I will post a picture as soon as I can. As for me, I was taken by ambulance from work a couple of weeks ago. I was light headed, queasy, weak and shaky and also had the cold sweats. It came on all of a sudden as I was setting up my med cart to pass out meds at start of shift. The supervisor was there, took my blood pressure and found it very high and wouldn't hear of anything but sending me to the ER. sigh !! So off I went in an ambulance,on a stretcher past all the patients on my unit and all my co-workers. I was so embarrassed. I kept trying to cover my face with a blanket. Anyway, in the ER the did a 12 lead EKG and took blood for testing. My blood pressure was very high, so every thing was rush rush. They found that my potassium was low after all the tests and there was no heart issues. thank God !!! They gave me some potassium and shortly there after my blood pressure came right down.. So now I have to eat at least one banana a day, and hopefully that will keep things where they should be. I have an appointment with my primary MD in a couple of weeks. I was so afraid of how my DH would do with the news of me going to the hospital. He was so upset that he couldn't drive, so a neighbor brought him to the ER. I have been fine since then. Now DH is sick again !!! He seems to go about a couple of months before he has more problems. Last week he was spitting up blood when he coughed and just wasn't feeling well. I called the MD and they saw him right away. He has a respiratory infection again. So they started him on antibiotics and prednisone for a week. They also sent him for a chest x-ray. I didn't like the results of that. He has mild congested heart failure, the infection in his right lung and fluid in his lungs. The MD called back and increased his diuretic for a week. Poor man, he has more shortness of breath now with the infection. Each time he gets an infection it takes so much out of him. I am amazed that he doesn't have to go on oxygen as of yet, I am sure that that day will come though. he only has problems breathing when he does anything taxing. He gets so frustrated. My stitching has been sporadic at best here lately. I will try to post more often. Take care and thanks for listening to me rant on.


Mylene said...

Glad to hear about little Ella but sorry to hear about you being rush to ER-glad it was all fine after all the test.
Sending postive thoughts for your DH. Hope his medications help.

Julie said...

Wonderful news about Ella.

What a rotten time you have been having, poor you being taken away to the ER, so glad they could help you straight away. I hope the meds work and DH is soon feeling much better
{{big hug}} to you both

Carolyn NC said...

Wonderful to hear about little Ella. I'm sorry to hear of your scare, but I'm glad it was easily taken care of! Hope your DH improves soon, too. :)

DUSTY said...

Thanks ladies, Dh is feeling better and has another trip to MD today for follow-up. I am hanging in there. All the good wishes are appreciated.