Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two Days of Fun

Well, my days off this week were interesting anyway. DH had an appointment with a doctor that puts in defribrillators. I really liked the doctor, he was very easy to talk to and not patronizing at all as some doctors can be. He answered all of our questions and told DH to call him when he made a decision. DH is so afraid to go into the hospitol again that I told him to make the decision that he felt the best with. He really needs to have it done but I am not going to pressure him. He fears that if he goes into the hospitol again that he will not come home again. So I can't push.
Later Tuesday evening I went to my LNS and took a pulled thread ornament candle class. What fun !!! It should be pretty when I have it completed -- almost there. This evening I went back to the LNS and took the class from last week as I was working for that one. (Wednesday is Open Class ) I started a needlepoint bargello candle -- I enjoy doing bargello. This one is done on 13 mesh canvas and uses gold opalescent white and silks - 2 shades of soft green and 2 shades of rose. I love the way it is turning out. I will post pictures when there is more to see.


Chiloe said...

I hope your husband will make the right decision ;-)

Carolyn NC said...

Hope DH is able to get the help needed :)
Your classes and projects sound great!

DUSTY said...

Thanks Chiloe and Carolyn, He talked to the MD and decided he doesn't want to have the defribrillator put in. He just does not want to go into the hospital again.
yes Carolyn, the classes are fun. They have a different theme for all the ornies each year. This year was candles, last year was bells and the year before was stars. There is usually 7-8 classes and each is a different type of stitching.

Aury said...

Hi Dusty,
I hope your husband is better,
I saw your note about to participate in The bride's tree SAL but I need your email address to authorize the access. Could you please send me an email? you will find my address on the blog.
Hope to see you soon